How You Can Learn to Build Bamboo Bikes from This Bike Service

At Container Collective Yoga & Bikes, many of the community members remember the times when they first learned how to ride a bike.

They were usually much younger and had their parents teach them this essential skill. They can remember fond memories of their parents and their first bike with training wheels. In fact, most people can trace it back to that first moment that they were able to take their training wheels off and move forward with a little push from their parents or even their older siblings.

They remember the exhilaration they felt when they first realized that they were riding their bike all by themselves. It is hard to forget that moment. It is a moment of absolute joy and pure freedom. It is an almost inexplicable feeling and many of us have had the pleasure of experiencing it.

Many remember the times when they also have had to scrape money together to afford a bike service as well. Maintenance was one of the many joys of owning a bike. Everyone knew at such a little age that your bike could take you to a great distance only if you take care of it. And it was your job to make sure your bike got the care it needed.


This Joy Transcends to Our Adult Life

Even when we have grown into adults, the fond memories can be felt deep within our hearts when we ride a bike to get from one place to another. The joy that is associated with riding a bike is almost eternal for most people, even it resides in our subconscious.


The fact of the matter is that there are many joys to leading and active and joyful lifestyle through biking. But that’s not all. One can experience many different health benefits out of this activity as well. These advantages include increased stimulation, stress relief, and cardiovascular strength.


Bikers Are Welcome at the Container Collective Yoga & Bikes

Container Collective Yoga & Bikes is nothing without its great community of yoga teacher training enthusiasts, power vinyasa yoga practitioners, and heated flow yoga lovers. The truth is that Container Collective Yoga & Bikes has a variety of activities for all types of people who want to practice Lakewood Baptiste yoga, and for those who prefer hot yoga and other restorative forms of yogic activity.  bike service

The team at Container Collective Yoga & Bikes also has a special place for bikers. Did you know that Container Collective Yoga & Bikes offers a bamboo bike frame building workshop?

As a part of their sustainability practices, Container Collective Yoga & Bikes brings a unique experience to the bike loving community.

Individuals can utilize bamboos sources from a bamboo farm in the southern state of Texas. Where exactly do the bamboos come from, you ask? Well, they come from a relative of the individuals who run the Container Collective Yoga & Bikes! As such, they are able to source the bamboos, transport and open up opportunities for fun and utility.

The bamboos are then delivered to one of the Container Collective Yoga & Bikes studio locations. Bamboos are a great part of the sustainability initiative because of the way that they grow: quickly and rapidly.

The beautiful part about bamboo is that it is biodegradable, so you are making sure to be environmentally friendly while using these bikes. The process for constructing a bamboo bike is also not as complex as one would think. With just a little bit of effort and bike service knowledge, individuals can participate in the joys of bamboo bikes.

It is definitely an interesting and unique experience that outdoors enthusiasts should try at least once in their lifetimes. Another great aspect about bamboo made bikes is that they are lightweight and provide a comfortable and efficient drive.

You can design a bamboo bike according to your own designs and expectations today. Visit the Container Collective Yoga & Bikes and see what they have to offer you, from hot power yoga to restorative yoga, and from vinyasa yoga to biking, Container Collective Yoga & Bikes has it all. Come by for the hot yoga Lakewood can provide, and stay for the bike service that the place has to offer.