The Ideal Option: Dental Extraction or Root Canal

Taking care of our teeth is something that we should all be particular about to lessen the chance of any oral problems or complications that may end up quite uncomfortable or painful. If ever we do encounter problems with our teeth, we turn to dentists who can mend our teeth and guide us in maintaining their health. Over time our teeth become worn and sometimes develop cracks or even chip off after trauma. Certainly that physical damage can be painful and sometimes affect the overall appearance of a tooth but it is nothing compared to when a tooth succumbs to infection.

dental extractions

root canal process

Sometimes an infected tooth doesn’t look infected from the outside but it can bring the person into a lot of pain and the situation itself is also quite risky which is why it must be dealt with as soon as possible. The infection affects the inside of the tooth which is the pulp and the reason why it is a risk to leave it is because the infection can seep down and get to the gums where far more damage can be done and other teeth can be quite damaged. Now there are two approaches that a dentist can go for, a dental extraction or a dental root canal. Let’s get a better understanding of the two.

A dental extraction is just basically the extraction of the infected tooth. When the tooth is removed so is the site of the infection which will effectively remove the risk of the infection spreading to other parts such as the gums and other teeth. An extraction of the tooth is fairly quick and since the patient is treated with anesthesia, the process is generally painless. The process will however involve some bleeding from the area after the tooth has been extracted but bleeding will stop fairly quickly.

A dental root canal is much more complex process. The process involves removing the infected pulp inside the tooth by drilling into the tooth and scrapping the inside. This process can be in ways uncomfortable for the patient. After the infected pulp has been removed, the area is patched up with some root filling which allows the tooth to recover. Over the tooth the dentist can cover up using some dental filling over attach a crown of the tooth.

Both dental procedures help in treated a tooth which has become infected but which one would be more ideal. If look at dental extraction, it would be inexpensive compared to a root canal and even be a lot faster than one. However, that would mean you would be left with a missing tooth which can mean extra cost if you are going to get a replacement tooth. In the case of dental root canals, they take longer, and cost more but you would still retain your original tooth.

So how do you determine the ideal one for you? Well it’s really a matter of consulting with your dentist who can really guide you and help you out with your problem and find the best solution for it.